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November 30, 2011
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Ponies with Pets and Spike by ButterflyWingies Ponies with Pets and Spike by ButterflyWingies
A NEW fanart of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
included the new pet Tank :)

This drawing is a bit more thought out than my first draft. I changed a bit on everyone.

Spike: i always have an idea how i would draw him but never get to since i am more focus on the 6 manes and usually i have no room for him. ><; I dislike how people give him the mohawk hairstyle- and he looks like a bad rebel boy which is opposite of his character [at least in my opinion]. Thus i left him with a bit of spike flare to his hair and a sweet smile that always wins any MLP fan over. I enjoyed drawing him with the quill feather and gems for his best assistance for Twilight ^^

Fluttershy: my most favorite of all ponies! "yay" she is the first i drew b/c my last fanart didnt turn out how i want her to look. I left 2 butterfly cutie marks on her clothing and just one right in front of her ear to grab her innocent sweet look to her. Angel took a bit more time than i thought- i had to make sure it looks like ANGEL not some other bunny. I am most proud of my fluttershy drawing. <3

Rarity: my first thought was "wow.. i have to rethink this" from my first concept of her. I messed up a couple of times drawing her hair. I wasnt thinking out of the box and i finally got it how i wanted it to be!! Her hair is more flattering and flowing than the last time i drew her. i left her with a simple outfit [most common people would draw her in] just so you can see- she looks ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS in anything simple as that >w<

Rainbowdash: i still picture her in hoodie but i put more flow into her mane and add her most fun side look to her face. Tank is pretty easy to draw [ alot easier than Angel for me @_@] I was happy when the episode updated rainbow with a pet [so she isnt left out].

Twilight Sparkle: i am least happy with the way i drew of her.. i also lacked a lot of purple colors [using my bf's color pencils]. but she is close how i want her to look.

Pinkie Pie: She is the most difficult to draw out of every pony. Her hair is crazy and poofy- so i dont give her ponytail/pigtails because it doesnt contain the same spunky-ness and excitement she has as a pony. I just added some bangs to give a bit of cute and extra bows. She is left without shoes- b/c she is funny that way XP Gummy is a bit hard but still fun to draw.

AppleJack: I would love her as my big sister SERIOUSLY! everything about her makes me laugh- always messing with rarity and the best pony to be with. I give her the usual countrygirl look. She has a good choice of dogs: collie <3

[link] <--my first MLP fanart
[link] <--MLP chibi bookmark
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic :iconfyre-flye:
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AinezoChanRocks Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
What kind of shoes would Pinkie Possibly wear?
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Aj is so cutw
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This is truly creative and very well done C: 
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PeeWee is not here because?
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twilight's so cute
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Very cute
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aww so adorable, I like the fact that this fanart is not digital. (Good ol' paper and pencil) Also I really like the way you drew pinkie pie! :)
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turtle is my favorite.

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